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I am so excited to announce that I have signed with the prestigious Kim Dawson Talent Agency! To be totally honest I'd submitted my headshot and resume to the agency at least two times, but I guess the third time was the charm.

To my unsigned actors, If you are searching for a talent agency, my word of advice is: be patient and grow your resume as you submit to agencies and never deny an opportunity that gives you a chance to flourish artistically. Be humble and gracious in all of your endeavors, keep God first, and most importantly remember to be yourself and follow your intuition!

After independently booking my first national commercial, I once again focused my intentions toward attaining a reputable agent. My first submission secured an interview with a decent agency known for grooming new Dallas talent. The moment I walked through the doors the agent expressed how much she liked me, and after a cold read I was extended the opportunity to work with her. I told her I'd think about it after I reviewed the contract. You'd think I'd be over the moon, but something didn't feel right, for some reason my intuition was telling me there was something better. You can imagine the mental and emotional turmoil I experience by denying what I had essentially prayed for. My supplication was for someone to believe in me, and give me a chance. For God-sakes, she mentioned she had a Tyler Perry connection, so was I being ungrateful for saying no? As life would have it, the answer to my 'no' was ultimately the 'yes' I'd been longing for.

Word to the wise, If your intuition leads you to deny yourself, and you obey that conviction, there may be a moment of silence in your life where you'll doubt the very choice you made. Ignore the fear associated with that quiet time and be patient. Your intuition--that inner-voice, the holy spirit, whatever you call it, will NEVER lead you in the wrong direction. Trust me, I was guided through the right door, because I was courageous enough to close another.

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