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Booked First National Commercial!

Who would've thought that my dreams could be actualized through a connection from a corporate job! Thanks to my God and special friend Lakeshia Sauls (my former Bank of America associate) I landed a spot on national Television! This opportunity would've never been afforded to me if I didn't take the risk to go after it. In my crazy life, whenever I have the chance to actualize a dream, It comes at the expense of jeopardizing an "everyday life" commitment, like a brand new job for example.

I'd just started my new position as a paraprofessional for an amazing school district and this commercial opportunity resulted in me missing more days than I'd anticipated. To the chagrin of my family, who reasoned that a mere chance wasn't enough to compromise a stable career, I went anyway and finessed my way out of going to work. This gamble on a possibility resulted in my face being seen across the united states and a payoff that was bigger than my month's salary!

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