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Brian R. Johns, a Texas native, was a writer before he found himself to be anything else. As a child his driving ambition was to become a professional journalist, but life took him on a different journey into the entertaiment world. It was only until the Fall of 2015 that Brian decided to try his hand at publishing his collection of 'therapy sessions', poems and words of affirmation. After a year of hard work and determination 'Ant in an Eggshell: The Fragile Fortitude Of a Black Man.' was born. Brian plans to eventually release a childrens book series acompanied with an audio book, and is in the early stages of writing his second book entitled 'SoulWork'.

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Ant in an eggshell:
The fragile fortitude of a black man

"Ant In An Eggshell: The Fragile Fortitude Of A Black Man" is a collection of poetry, proverbs, and "therapy sessions" that chronicle the author's path to healing as a victim of sexual abuse. This transparent work of art was written to be a mirror and light for the broken man waiting to see himself in the dark. 

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